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Easy, healthy,

go-anywhere greens.

100% pure dehydrated microgreens, made with love, from our family farm to your table.  They taste amazing, have unlimited uses, and are super high in nutrients.
Looking for live greens?  Our microgreens, wheatgrass, baby lettuce, shoots, and herbs are delivered to your door, 365 days a year - anywhere across the Midwest.

100% pure microgreens.

Nothing else needed.

A super-convenient way to eat some of the most nutrient-dense veggies on earth.  Our dehydrated microgreens taste so good by themselves, we never add any flavors, sweeteners, or anything else for that matter.  Mother Nature made them delicious and nutrient-packed naturally.  And just so you know, we grow our greens simple and pure - in our own indoor farm, using organic soil and purified water.


No additives.  No flavorings.  No irradiation.  No pesticides.  100% pure.  Always.


Farm-to-home.  Small batch.  Simplicity.

100% Pure Microgreens - and nothing else.  We grow great microgreens & get out of their way.


We grow.

We begin by growing our microgreens indoors, using only organic soil and filtered water - and of course no pesticides of any kind. They take about two weeks from seed to harvest, and we grow all year for small-batch, ultra-fresh production.  Other "green superfood" type products harvest once a year or longer, then freeze their product.  Not us.  Not ever.


We Cold Raw Dehydrate.

After harvest, our microgreens are immediately dehydrated using our proprietary Cold Raw Dehydration Process™.  We developed this process specifically to keep the microgreens raw yet fully dry, and to retain both the nutritional aspects of microgreens as well as their amazing range of flavors.  And for our Raw Food Diet friends: yes, we qualify 100%!


We bottle.

All our microgreens are bottled on-site, by us, immediately after completing the dehydration process.  We are a premium product, and as such, each bottle is hand-packed in-house to guarantee the absolute best for you and those you care most about. 



Just 1/4 teaspoon of our dehydrated microgreens contains over one large handful of our delicious, fresh microgreens.

Fresh microgreens are simply 10 day old, regular vegetables.  At this ideal seedling stage, they contain large amounts of stored nutrients, designed to help the plant get to a point where it starts making more by putting down big roots and developing leaves.  USDA studies have proven that during this initial stage, microgreens typically contain a median nutrient content 22 TIMES that of full-grown vegetables.  When gently dried using our proprietary Cold Raw Dehydration Process™ -- removing 93% of the non-nutritive moisture content -- the nutrients are concentrated 14 times further, now 56-560 times that of fresh vegetables!




Our dehydrated microgreens are truly unique because they not only are hyper nutritious, but they are also wildly delicious - a true culinary ingredient.


Use in smoothies, soups, salads, salad dressings, eggs, baked goods, etc.  You can even use them as a rub on tofu, fish, chicken, and other proteins - and when sauteed or roasted, they caramelize and deliver a HUGE boost of Umami to dishes.



Amazing Flavor.  Amazing Nutrition.

Our microgreens taste amazing and are a true culinary ingredient, as well as the most nutritious veggies on earth.

Add a boost of flavor and nutrition to your smoothies, without having them taste like a ton of kale :-)
Salt Substitute
Microgreens add a huge boost of natural Umami and flavor enhancement to any food. Leave on the table and use in place of salt to get a savory and flavorful boost, without all the sodium of regular salt.
Powdering microgreens and adding them to your recovery drink, or using them on your post workout meal is a natural way to replenish vital electrolytes and nutrients. We have so many supporters that swear by them as part of a healthy active lifestyle and workout program.
Rub / Seasoning Proteins
Use as a rub on proteins like tofu, steak, chicken, fish, etc. The microgreens become caramelized and add a huge boost of umami to your dishes.
Babies & Kiddos
Add to kids drinks, baby-food, and even on top of a PB&J. We leave a bottle on the table for our kids to sprinkle on everything. They always would reach for the salt or anything else they could get their hands on, so we let them have a field day with the microgreens!
School Lunch
Add quick and easy nutrition to your kids favorite meals need a little nutritional help. Our kiddos love a PB&J with microgreens on top. Any sandwich, cup of fruit, etc. is totally fair game for a boost of veggie power. It's a win, win!
Breakfast / Eggs
Mix into your morning eggs, sprinkle on top, add to a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for a big boost of flavor and nutrition.
Breads & Bakery
Dried microgreens are perfect in and on top of savory and sweet breads, rolls, muffins, and much more.
Teas & Matcha
Powder our dried microgreens and add to your favorite cup of tea.
Mix into your favorite salad to give it a massive boost of plant based nutrition.
Camping & Outdoors
Camping food always leaves a bit to be desired - especially when it comes to fresh produce and healthy eating. Adding dehydrated microgreens to your camp food is like having your farm CSA box delivered to your campsite - and it's a huge boost of nutrition too for those long hikes.
Add to brownies, cakes, pies, chocolates, and much more. Carrot cake is amazing with our microgreens smoothie blend.
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