Home Delivery Label Guide

For the most common varieties we grow, each pot you receive will have a small coded label.  Those codes identify the variety of microgreen in each pot.  Please use this page as your guide (feel free to print and hang on your fridge).  Some pots will still have a more descriptive label for varieties we include less regularly. 
This new system helps us more easily reuse our pots, as the labels are much easier to remove.  We appreciate your support in our efforts to minimize waste.
Updated on 9/12/2019
1    Sunflower Shoots
2    Pea Shoots
3    Wheatgrass
4    Popcorn Shoots
5    Mild Mix
6    Spicy Mix
7    Broccoli
8    Red Cabbage
9    Blue Kale
10  Rambo Radish
11  Arugula
12  Wasabi Mustard
13  Red Amaranth
14  Upland Cress