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Below are some of our most popular microgreens for Chefs and foodservice applications.  If you have a specific request, each variety can always be grown smaller or larger per your specifications or particular use case.  We also have a deep list of specialty Asian greens as well as many other varieties - so if you don't see what you need, please email us and ask (info@lakeforest.farm).
Mesclun Lettuce Mix
(21 Day Lead-Time) A wonderful collection of greens of differing color, texture and flavor, the mix includes: Arugula, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Endive, Kale, Mustards and Lettuces.
Basic Micro Mix (+Spicy & Rainbow)
[Spicy & Rainbow Mix Also Available]
Basic Micro Mix (8 day lead-time) (seeds blended together) Contains: Broccoli, Kale,
Kohlrabi, Arugula & Red Acre Cabbage – Mix of small microgreens, primarily green in
color, all with a mild flavor.
Pea Shoots - Speckled
Speckled (9 day lead-time) – No tendrils, tall with sweet leaves.

In addition to traditional green pea shoots, we can grow your pea shoots in the dark to yield a yellow/white color and a more tender & delicate texture. The yellow shoots will be longer & leaner than peas grown in light.
Pea Shoots - Tendrils
Green (12 day lead time) – Lots of beautiful tendrils, very decorative, short and sweet flavor.

In addition to traditional green pea shoots, we can grow your pea shoots in the dark to yield a yellow/white color and a more tender & delicate texture. The yellow shoots will be longer & leaner than peas grown in light.
Sunflower Shoots
Sunflower Shoots (10 day lead-time) – nutty, sweet, crunchy, large microgreen.
Mung Bean
(9 day lead-time) – crunchy white stems and large green leaves. Classic bean sprout flavor. Very pretty with good plate impact.
Fava Bean
Fava Bean Shoots (14 day lead-time) – large, long stems and leaves. Juicy & crunchy.
Popcorn Shoots
Popcorn Shoots (10 day lead-time) – bright yellow or green. Large and sweet.
Arugula (8 day lead-time) - tiny green leaves, spicy arugula flavor.
Radish - Purple Rambo
Purple Rambo (8 day lead-time) Large Purple leaves (some green), purple stem, fruity radish flavor.
Radish - Hong Vit
Hong Vit (8 day lead-time) - Large Green leaves, bright purple stem, spicy radish flavor.
Radish - Daikon
Daikon (8 day lead-time) - Thick white, crunchy, stems with green leaves. Spicy radish
Mustard - Scarlett Frills
Scarlet Frills Mustard (8 day lead-time) – Mottled green/red/purple leaves, very spicy
Mustard - Wasabi
Wasabi Mustard (8 day lead-time) - Small green leaves, sweet wasabi mustard flavor.
Mustard - Souther Giant
Southern Giant Mustard (8 day lead-time) - Small green leaves, spicy classic mustard
Mustard - Cho Kara
Cho Kara Mustard (8 day lead-time) – The most SPICY mustard microgreen we have found. Powerful spicy mustard flavor, and very delicious. Just one or two give a bite of food amazing texture and unexpected flavor.
Upland Cress
Cress (8 day lead-time) – small, green, feathery leaves with a classic peppery watercress flavor. Amazing on sandwiches and salads.
Red Amaranth
Red Amaranth (8 day lead-time) - Fine, small, bright red / hot pink leaves and stems, mild sweet red beet flavor. Great for entrees or desserts.
Mizuna - Red Kingdom
Red Kingdom Mizuna (8 day lead-time) – Red/green leaves, green stem. Medium Spice.
Cabbage - Mammoth Red Rock
Red Mammoth Cabbage (8 day lead-time) – Beautiful deep purple stems and dark green/purple
leaves. Mild cabbage flavor.
Broccoli (8 day lead-time) – Mild broccoli flavor. Small, bright green leaves.
Kale - Vates Blue
Kale (8 day lead-time) – Peppery finish, mild, with bright green leaves.
Fennel - Green
Green Fennel (14 day lead-time) – Slender green grass-like leaves. Seed hulls still attached for
extra flavor. Mild anise flavor.
Borage (14 day lead-time) – Beautiful, large, slightly fuzzy green leaves. Green stems. Crisp juicy
cucumber flavor.
Cilantro (14 day lead-time) – Intense, traditional cilantro flavor. Two slender grass-like leaves.
Basil - Genovese
Genovese Basil (green) (14 day lead-time) – Bright, fresh, intense basil flavor. White stems with
small green leaves.
Basil - Dark Opal
Opal Basil (green) (14 day lead-time) – Basil flavor with hints of cinnamon and anise. Purple stems with small purple leaves.
Chervil (14 day lead-time) – Parsley-like flavor with a hint of tarragon. Two slender grass-like
Beets - Detroit Red
Beets, Detroit Red (21 day lead-time) – Green leaves with red veins, bright red stem, classic
sweet beet flavor.
Red Shiso
Red Shiso (21 day lead-time) – Stunning purple leaves, amazing perfume, and classic shiso
flavor with a hint of cinnamon.
Red Vein Sorrel
Red Vein Sorrel (21 day lead-time) – Beautiful green leaves with bright red veins. Crisp, citrus
flavor. Small or larger size leaves available.
Parsley - Italian Flat Leaf
Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf (21 day lead-time) – Bright, clean, classic parsley flavor. Delicate
microgreens with grass-like leaves and one signature parsley leaf at the top. Delivered cut and
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm (21 day lead-time) – Mint-like in appearance, but strong lemon aroma.
Nasturtium (21 day lead-time) – Look like miniature lily pads, half-dollar sized. Peppery flavor.
Leek (21 day lead-time) – classic, gentle onion / garlic flavor. Beautiful, long, slender green
shoots with black seed pods at the tip.
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Remember:  If you don't see what you need, we have a deep seed list and can custom grow many additional varieties.  Please email us and ask - we're happy to help - info@lakeforest.farm.
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