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two ways.

Super-nutritious, live or powdered microgreens, wheatgrass, baby lettuce, herbs, and shoots - direct from our farm to your home or business.

Chefs & foodservice, we have you covered too ->>

A Super-Superfood Makes it Easy

You feel amazing when you eat amazing.  Take a standard superfood vegetable and increase it's nutrition 4-40 TIMES.  That's what microgreens are!  Whether it's our fresh, live micros or super-convenient powdered, we deliver them right from our family farm to your doorstep.


Liz H. - Highland Park, IL

"Tossing a handful of fresh microgreens on my kids' plates is so easy, and they love them!"


Mike S. - Los Angeles, CA

"I use the powdered greens in my water bottle all day - even in the air." 


Nicky C. - Stuart, FL

"I'm an 80yr old surfer (yes, that's right).  I take your powdered microgreens everywhere."

Two Ways to Enjoy Our Microgreens

Getting microgreens to your door is simple.  Easy peasy microgreenzie!

Fresh Micros

Greeting you on your doorstep will be a box of fresh microgreens, ready for you to enjoy.  We deliver all across the Midwest.  See Delivery Area


Powdered micros

A full serving of microgreens in only 1/4 tsp!  Add all the benefits of micros to water bottles, coffee, tea, smoothies, snacks, desserts, baking, and more.

Our Story

"We believe in healthy families, healthy food, and doing what's right for the planet.  If you do too, please join us on our journey!" - Elliot Hirsch, Founder 

Hi!  I'm Elliot, the Founder of Lake Forest Farms.  I hope you and yours are staying safe and well during these challenging times.  Our farm and entire team are here to help support your wellness during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, just like we do for our own families.  We believe strongly in our mission, and we put that passion into every amazing, tasty, and nutrient-dense microgreen we grow.  It's a true honor to grow greens for you and those you care most about.

After founding & running a tech company for 10 years, I was feeling the negative effects of a poor diet.  When my wife and I had our two boys, I got healthy for them.  I started growing microgreens for myself, focused more on plant-based nutrition, and as a result I felt amazing - loosing over 80lbs in the process!  I felt like myself again.  Seeing my progress, friends asked me to grow microgreens for them too, and word began to spread.  With the encouragement of family and friends, we founded Lake Forest Farms to bring the positive, functional qualities of microgreens that I benefited from to as many people as possible.  That passion led us down an over four-year path of research and development in creating the perfect powdered microgreens.


About Lake Forest Farms:

Our family founded Lake Forest Farms in 2017, inventing and launching the the world's first commercially available, 100% pure powdered microgreens products.  Since that time we have grown to provide both fresh and powdered microgreens to homes and businesses across the USA and beyond. 


Elliot & Team Lake Forest Farms