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Getting Started With Your Order
Please complete the order request form below.  We'll follow up via email to answer questions you have and then work with you to choose your delivery schedule & dates.  Once confirmed, we'll email an invoice for easy and secure online payment.  Delivery details and available varieties are listed at the bottom of this page for your reference.  If you're ordering for family & friends, remember we also have Gift Cards available.



How often would you like your microgreens order?

Do you prefer delivery or pick-up?

What would you like in your order?

In the box below, please let us know which microgreens you're interested in, how many 5"x5" pots of each, and any special requests.  If you'd like to include some of our Dehydrated Microgreens in your fresh greens order, please let us know which you'd like and how often. 

(Please note: You can always change or adjust your order over time.)


Please let us know how you heard about us or if you were referred by another member.

Information on our microgreen delivery options:


Here are some good microgreens to start with that grow quickly.  Once you are on a regular delivery schedule, we can offer you some other varieties that take longer to grow (basil, cilantro, borage, nasturtium, fava bean shoots, red shiso, red vein sorrel, fennel, chervil, celery, carrot, lemon balm, and many others).

  • Sunflower Shoots - A champion microgreen. Large and crunchy. Mild toasted sunflower seed flavor. High in protein, iron, and many vitamins and minerals.

  • Pea Shoots - Sweet snow pea flavor. Big and tall. Great for salads.

  • Popcorn Shoots - Sweet like candy, bitter like Campari, and a touch of grass flavor, all at the same time. Bright yellow.

  • Wheatgrass - standard variety, full-grown grass for juicing.

  • Broccoli - one of the most nutrient-dense microgreens. Mild broccoli flavor. Small green leaves.

  • Spicy Mix - a zesty blend of broccoli, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, arugula, and mustard. Spice is most closely related to a mustard/horseradish type flavor, and not too strong.

  • Mild Mix - broccoli, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, and arugula. Mild savory vegetable flavor. Slightly salty and peppery.

  • Arugula - same flavor as full-grown, only much more intense.

  • Red Amaranth - red beet flavor with a bit of grass/earthiness. High in protein.

  • Purple Rambo Radish - Larger microgreen. Purple in color, sweet to start with a spicy traditional radish finish.

  • Red Acre Cabbage - beautiful pink/purple stems, dark green canopy. Smaller microgreen with a distinct cabbage flavor and a nice crunch.

  • Wasabina Mustard - tastes like wasabi!

  • Southern Giant Mustard - fiery mustard flavor.  Great on avocado toast!

  • Kale - mild peppery flavor.​

We also offer dehydrated 100% microgreen blends.  They are very convenient, can be stored in your cabinet, and have up to 500x the nutrients as full-grown vegetables.  We have a Mild Smoothie Blend, as well as a Zesty Blend - and in addition to their high level of nutrients, they are also very flavorful.  1/4 teaspoon of our powdered microgreens is equivalent to a full USDA serving of leafy greens. We offer them crumbled as well as powdered (to add to water bottles, coffee, tea, kids drinks, etc.).  Use them wherever you use fresh micros. Also, the crumbled is great as a salt substitute on the dinner table, or as a rub on meat or tofu, in salad dressings, baked goods, eggs, and certainly in smoothies.  These can be shipped via regular mail. The cost is the same as our fresh microgreens - and we give substantial discounts on our larger size bottles. You can find more info here →



For delivery of fresh microgreens, the minimum order we ask for is 4 pots, and all the pots can be different varieties.  Each pot is 5"x5" and we charge $5/pot for recurring orders, and $6/pot for one-time orders.  We provide doorstep delivery ($6.99 per delivery) via the amazing Chicago Messenger Service, who has deep experience working with area farms.  We can deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or on any schedule that works best for you.  Our microgreens arrive live in trays - ready to be cut as you need them, or cut and bagged at our farm if that's easier.  We also provide a free pick up location in Lake Bluff at Be Market ($0.50 discount per pot for self-pickup).



For care, we recommend keeping your microgreens in the refrigerator - with your pots of live greens in a plastic bag with one end left open (such as a garbage bag or grocery bag) to keep a bit of humidity in.  The cold of the refrigerator keep the microgreens from growing larger and using up their high nutrient content.



You do not need to be home for delivery.  If you are not home we will leave them by the front door in a plastic bag or returnable box.  During the winter months, we ask that you leave an empty cooler out, or we will provide one to be returned at your next delivery.  Any used trays from a previous delivery can be left outside and we'll pick them up at your next delivery so they can be reused and not wasted.



Please notify us at least 11 days before your scheduled delivery date.  If you will be on vacation or out of town, you can always contact us to skip a delivery.  There is never a penalty. We do ask that you give us notice in advance so that we don't plant your order and then it goes to waste.