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Bone Broth & Powdered Microgreens

One of our favorite low/no calorie, high payoff snacks - Bone Broth & MiracleMicrogreens™!

This is a real camping favorite of ours, but equally perfect when we're home and in need of a guilt-free snack to bridge us to our next meal.

Pour a cup of your preferred broth, such as bone broth, mushroom broth, or miso, into a mug. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of MiracleMicrogreens™ powder, which packs a powerful nutritional punch. This small serving size delivers the benefits of 1.5 servings of vegetables and the functional benefits of microgreens. Enjoy a satisfying, savory, and nutritious break while filling in any nutritional gaps and supporting your wellness journey.

Microgreens are nutrient powerhouses, containing many times more nutrients than fully grown vegetables. That's why just a small amount of MiracleMicrogreens™ can make a big impact on your diet. The powder can be easily added to any food or drink, including kiddo meals, without affecting the taste or appearance. Broth is just one idea, but we're sure you can come up with many more.




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