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Serving Size: One Teaspoon = one full USDA serving of 2 cups leafy greens


About Our Smoothie Blend

This is our all-purpose dehydrated microgreen blend.  It has a mild savory flavor and is amazing in smoothies, as well as on or in just about anything else.  The microgreens are contained in a reusable & recyclable glass bottle with a shake & spoon lid.


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Sizes Available

  • 38.4 Serving, Spoon & Shake Bottle ($0.78 per serving)
    • Contains 6.5 pots of our fresh microgreens.
    • Spoon & Shake, clear glass bottle for easy table use.
  • 96 Serving, Amber Glass UV Resistant Jar ($0.63 per serving)
    • Contains 16 pots of our fresh microgreens
    • Amber glass jar for UV light protection, and reusable airtight cap.
  • 192 Serving, Amber Glass UV Resistant Jar ($0.57 per serving)
    • Contains 32 pots of our fresh microgreens.
    • Amber glass jar for UV light protection, and reusable airtight cap.


About Our Bottles

We use glass bottles for all our packaging because glass is the most inert, impermeable, BPA-free and stable packaging material. For our potentially longer shelf-life varieties -- both our larger sizes and our powdered products -- we use Amber Glass, providing FDA approved UV light-filtering properties, which prevents the degrading over time of our dehydrated microgreens' amazing nutritional content.


How To Use Our Dehydrated Microgreens:
- Smoothies
- Salt Replacement On Your Table 
- Salads
- Salad Dressings
- Breads and Baked Goods
- Desserts (brownies, carrot cake, etc.)
- Powder and Add To Drinks
- After Workout Recovery Drinks
- Powder and Add To Tea or Coffee
- Eggs
- Oatmeal
- Kids Lunches & Food
- Baby Food
- Camping Food
- Rub or sprinkle on Meat, Fish, Tofu, or Other Proteins

- Use Your Imagination!!!!


How We Dehydrate

Using our proprietary Cold Raw Dehydration Process, our microgreens are still considered a raw food product for all those on a raw food diet, or are looking for the many benefits of raw foods.

Mild Smoothie Blend (whole) - The Original Dehydrated Microgreens™

  • We use our proprietary Cold Raw Dehydration Process in order to retain full nutritional content of your microgreens.  Store in a cool, dry place.

  • (All grown using organic practices): Broccoli Microgreens, Kale Microgreens, Kohlrabi Microgreens, Arugula Microgreens, Pea Shoot Microgreens, Red Cabbage Microgreens