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>>> BACK IN STOCK - Spring 2024 <<<

I'm thrilled to share that due to some recent social media attention (thank you!!!), as well as a post New Year rush, sales have been incredible and we have sold out of our latest crop! I apologize for this delay in restocking, and I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. As you read this, we're busily growing & making more MiracleMicrogreens™ for you to enjoy, so rest assured, we'll be accepting new orders and subscriptions very soon. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support!  -- Cheers, Elliot


Elliot Hirsch

Founder, Lake Forest Farms


--->>> To be the first to know when our MiracleMicrogreens™ are back in stock and ready to order, please hit the "Notify When Available" button on this page. We're honored to be a part of your wellness journey and can't wait to share our nutritious microgreens with you once again.




MiracleMicrogreens™ is our premium, full-spectrum, freeze-dried & powdered blend of the USDA's ten most nutrient and antioxidant-dense microgreens - designed to support your health and wellness goals, and bring you the best functional aspects of what microgreens naturally have to offer.


  • 100% microgreens.  Nothing else added.
  • Greenhouse-grown in natural sunlight - 100% pesticide, fungicide, and bacterial-agent free.  Always non-GMO.
  • Extrememly small serving size of only 1/4 teaspoon (0.4g), which can be added undetected to almost any food, beverage, or recipe.
  • 30 servings of MiracleMicrogreens™ per 12g container (1/4 teaspoon | 0.4g serving size)
  • $2.40 (20% off) Per Serving with a Monthly Subscription (No Commitment, Pause or Cancel Anytime), or $3/serving for a one-time order.
  • 100% opaque, UV & light--proof, black glass jar with child-safe cap.  Fully recyclable & reusable.
  • Ultra-fine powdered consistency.  Easily dissolves like matcha.
  • Full-spectrum freeze-dried using our proprietary Cold Raw Freeze-Dry Process™ - and never dehydrated, for maximum nutrient content.
  • 3rd-party lab tested for pathogens and mycotoxins.
  • Qualifies as a Raw Food.
  • 100% Vegan.
  • Whole-plant.  Never juiced or extracted.
  • Family farmed in Illinois.
  • Includes access to our Farm Family Help Line at, to assist you with your health and wellness goals.  We provide individualized assistance with recipe ideas, usage, tips & tricks, and much more.


Detailed information at


Out of Stock (more on the way!)
Price Options
Single Subscription
20% Off -- Delivered Monthly. Pause or Cancel Any Time.
$72.00every month until canceled
One-time purchase
  • We love to keep things simple.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason:


    Unopened jars may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.  Opened jars, if they are a first-time order, may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  • 100% freeze-dried, sunlight grown, non-gmo, whole-plant microgreens grown using better-than-organic practices.  Fully pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and bacterial-agent free.  3rd-party lab tested for pathogens and mycotoxins.  This qualifies as a Raw Food product.  Manufactured in an allergen-free facility (no wheat, soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, or sulphites).


    - Broccoli microgreens (whole plant)

    - Purple Kohlrabi microgreens (whole plant)

    - Savoy Cabbage microgreens (whole plant)

    - Red Cabbage microgreens (whole plant)

    - Wasabi Mustard microgreens (whole plant)

    - Rapini microgreens (whole plant)

    - Pea Shoot microgreens (whole plant)

    - Cilantro microgreens (whole plant)

    - Green Daikon Radish microgreens (whole plant)

    - Red Garnet Amaranth microgreens (whole plant)

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