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Delight Your Customers

Foodservice - CPG - Wholesale

We offer a wide range of fresh and freeze-dried microgreens, in many formats, to businesses of all types. 
Fresh Microgreens - shipped anywhere within the continental United States.

Freeze-Dried / Powdered Microgreens - shipped nationally & internationally.  We have the ability to support orders ranging from a few pounds to tons. 

Whether you'd like our products for your retail establishment, smoothie or juice bar, bakery, restaurant, or packaged food company, we would love to learn your story and see if we can help bring a bit of health and happiness to your customers.  Microgreens are a wonderful, delicious, and nutritious way to truly differentiate your products.

For our live microgreens, please see our Visual Microgreen Variety Guide for photos of just a few of our available varieties.
For orders, questions, or to start a conversation, please complete the form below:

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